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Payday 2 Trainer

Payday 2 Trainer is a Co-op First-person Shooter video game developed by Overkill Software and published by 505 Games. The game is a sequel to 2011 Payday: Theft. It was released in August 2013 for Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. An enhanced version of the game, subtitled Crimewave Edition, was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June 2015. A copy of the Nintendo Switch was released in February 2018.

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Two years after the events of the previous game, the Payday Gang comes to the Washington DC area to perform another robbery spree. The player controls one of the 21 gang members and can carry out robberies alone or with up to three of his teammates. The player can participate in a variety of robberies, including but not limited to bank and store robberies, armored cars, and drug production and distribution. The game differs from its predecessor by allowing more player customization (in terms of aesthetics and gameplay), a somewhat improved graphical interface and experience, more variety and playability in levels, and reworked stealth mechanics.

An accompanying web series has been produced promoting the game. The game was profitable from pre-orders alone and received positive reviews. Payday 2 Trainer: The release of Crimewave that introduces improved graphics, new content, and all previous DLCs, was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June 2015.

The game consists of a variety of “thefts” that the player can choose to execute himself, using artificial intelligence, or as part of a multiplayer game. There are thefts like bank robbery, drug smuggling operations, election fraud, or smuggled nuclear warhead theft. Some robberies focus heavily on stealth, which often leads to additional experience points and money upon completion, and some robberies can only be done in stealth.

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The level picker is designed as a dummy website,, where missions periodically appear as contracts in a Washington, DC map [8] [9] A player can acquire an open contract, join a contract initiated by another player, or purchase a contract with in-game money In an offshore bank account. There are seven difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Exaggeration, Chaos, Death Wish, and Death Penalty (formerly One Down), with increased funds and experience payments for higher difficulty levels. Currently, there is an option to enable the “One Down” function on any difficulty, which means players can only come down once before entering a hold (up to 2 points with the “Nine Lives” skill).

Regardless of the difficulty, the “Professional Position” status is – Professional Jobs give additional experience, but it is not possible to retry if players fail. Pro Jobs removed later in the update. Some contracts take place on Payday 2 Trainer over several days, with each day being represented by a separate level with different goals. [10] After certain days of theft loudly ended (as the alarm sounded), the game may add an escape level, where players’ original escape is thwarted and must survive to reach their reserve sanctuary. (9)

Many of Payday 2 Trainer‘s jobs can be completed in stealth. If players avoid being caught in front of the camera or avoid or silently kill security guards, do not kill more than four pager guards (the number of pagers can be reduced by modifications in the “crime spree” game mode) and keep any civilian witnesses from when you call the police. The alarm is triggered and players will receive an EXP reward. Otherwise, players will have to achieve their goals, execute any loot they find to a drop-off point, then reach an escape point under the pressure of constant waves of police assault.

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If the player takes a lot of damage, he will be defeated and disabled. If no one helps them return, or if they are dropped multiple times without recovering through a “doctor’s bag”, they will be detained. At lower difficulty levels, the captured players will eventually come out of custody after a specified period of time, but otherwise, their teammates must take a hostage to trade to get them back into the game. The job fails if all players are shot down or detained (but some functions have unique failure conditions, such as Stealing Aloud Only, Cook-Off by adding the wrong component and detonating the meth lab).

At the end of each robbery, the player is shown a screen with three cards, one of which the player selects (called a “payday”). These bonus cards can be either weapon mods, masks, weapon skins, colors, materials for masks, bonus experience, or money. Players can purchase and customize masks, although they are purely cosmetic and have no effect on the gameplay.

Throughout the game, players collect money and experience. The money is divided into two parts. 20% of the money is given to the player to spend on weapons, masks, and skills, and 80% is placed in the player’s “offshore account”, which as part of the story is intended to be a player’s retirement fund, however, the player can use it to buy steals from a broker, or to buy cards. Additionally without stealing, or becoming notorious, or the player can press a button in his safe house to “burn” it all.

During the fourth day of the “The Search For Kento” event, a Crime Spree game mode was added, in which players complete burglaries simultaneously to earn big rewards. When a player completes robberies, they add their crime rank, with the number of ranks varying depending on the robbery chosen. In every 20 ranks, players must choose modifiers aloud, all 26 players in the ranks must choose modifiers for infiltration, which makes robberies more difficult, and every 50 ranks the enemy health increases and damage increases.

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Starting a new crime spree without points costs zero continental coins, but the start of the crime spree at a certain amount can vary in the cost of the continental currency, from 20 ranks against 10 continental coins to 40 ranks for 20 coins to the highest personal level of the spree player The crime is for a certain amount. When choosing a robbery, players have to choose from 3 robberies awarded to them, but can choose to re-steal 6 continental coins. Players are not automatically rewarded with their rewards, instead, they can choose to end their crime spree, awarding them all the rewards, including loot, daily bonus cards, and continental coins.

If the player fails in a robbery, or his game is closed during the robbery for any reason, the crime spree cannot continue, and they can choose to either pay a certain amount of continental currencies to resume the crime spree or end it and take rewards. At level 0, each robbery will start at “Overkill” difficulty, but modifiers can increase difficulty level even higher than “Death Penalty”. During the preplanning portion of theft, “Gage Perks” can be purchased in continental currencies to equip players with hobbyists.

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As players earn experience points, their reputation level increases. As players level up, they earn Skill Points, allowing them to purchase abilities and rewards from skill trees that represent five criminal models and game modes. They have two phases: Basic and Aced. Each tree cannot be exceeded to the maximum, and players are often encouraged to mix and match skills from each tree to increase the benefit. Players also receive “Excellence Points,” commensurate with their experience, which can be used to unlock bonus rewards from 17 “Perk Packs”. Players can switch between 15 skill profiles, concession platforms, weapons, and equipment at no cost before starting the robbery.

When a player reaches level 100, they can choose to raise the “Shame” level to level 500 (as of January 5, 2020; there are only five levels of Infamy on PS3 and Xbox 360). Become Infamous gives the player access to trees and special skill items and gives them special modes in Lobby screens. However, raising the level of shame causes them to lose all of their money and spent experience, and $ 200,000,000 is deducted from their offshore account until they reach Infamy level 5 (the transition to Infamous after this point becomes free)

Payday 2 Trainer Mods Includes

Most of the game trainers contain functions like below:-

  1. Unlimited Ammo
  2. Unlimited Heatlh
  3. Super Boost
  4. God Mode
  5. Teleport
  6. Undo Teleport
  7. Unlimited Gold / Money
  8. One Hit Kill
  9. Rapid Fire
  10. No Reload
  11. Super Accuracy
  12. Unlimited Stamina
  13. Easy to Use Trainer with Number Button Activation
  14. Unlimited Cheat Codes
  15. ETC


Password is 123

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